XaaS & Finance

Automated, flexible management Shift to OpEx spending Enhanced customer experience Faster monetisation of innovation Higher utilisation of resource Lower costs for your company

Maximise agility, minimise costs

At Quodo, we offer bespoke solutions for companies searching for an OpEx method of purchase rather than CapEx expenditure. Commonly referred to as “XaaS” or “anything-as-a-service”, this approach spans a wide variety of cloud-hosted solutions that can be consumed on a per-seat, per-month basis dependent on usage and company needs. Rather than buying technology outright that can quickly turn obsolete and outdated, XaaS provides you with access to best-in-class solutions that are always at the cutting edge – for a predictable, smaller monthly fee.

Shift IT resource to innovation

Low maintenance XaaS solutions are maintained by the service provider, meaning you have the luxury of time and freedom of resource.

Rapidly scale your technology at will

With XaaS, enjoy ultra-fast scalability according to business requirements and customer needs, optimising your organisation with agility & flexibility.

Gain faster Time to Benefit

Stay up-to-date on technological development and gain access to automatic updates, without costly upgrade programs.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership & CapEx

Moving from CapEx spending to OpEx frees up money and resource for other investments and projects, in addition to smoothing out your cash flow.

Reduce TCO & CapEx

Moving from CapEx spending to OpEx frees up money and resource for other investments and projects, in addition to smoothing out your cash flow.

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Infrastructure & Hardware as a Service (IaaS/HaaS)

Provisioned and managed over the internet, IaaS is an instant computing infrastructure that helps your organisation avoid the expensive and complexity of on-premise physical servers, storage, firewalls, security and other data centre infrastructure. Scale and shrink resources on-demand without upfront CapEX - you'll only pay for the resources you use.

Software as a Service (Saas)

In comparison to purchasing expensive software outright and installing it onto your organisation's devices, SaaS offers subscription-based access to sophisticated software applications over the cloud from vendors such as Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Intuit and Microsoft. With quick configuration and deployment, lower initial cost, accessibility and ultimate scalability.

Communication as a Service (CaaS)

Including different communication solutions such as internet telephony or VoIP, instant messaging and video conference applications, CaaS provides a cost-effective communications technology strategy for businesses of any size. Your organisation can selectively deploy applications to suit their current needs, scaling up for growth or within seasonal periods.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

For software and web developers, in addition to businesses who want to create and test internal software, PaaS provides access to a dedicated space to build and test applications on a subscription basis. Whilst developing software used to be costly, PaaS can reduce fees, eliminate the skills barrier and optimise collaboration for a seamless and cost-effective dev process.

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Device as a Service enables you to pay a predictable monthly OpEx cost for your hardware, without any initial CapEx outlay in acquiring the devices you need. You'll gain access to a complete hardware management package from delivery to maintenance, helping your business to optimise cash flow, increase productivity, maximise flexibility and avoid obsolescence - with a service that is fully adjustable to a changing workforce with differing hardware needs.

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If you’re planning to grow or expand your business, or want to ensure financial efficiency, XaaS cloud solutions give you access to optimised ROI, enhanced agility, minimum downtime, productivity improvements and more. At Quodo, we work alongside leading XaaS service providers to bring you the technology you need, when you need it, driving digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. To talk about your company and discuss how XaaS may be beneficial for future growth and success, get in touch with the Quodo team today.