Top 6 Benefits of VoIP: Reduce Your Telephony Bills By Up to 60%

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is the technology that allows us to make and receive phone calls anywhere in the world using a broadband internet connection rather than a phone line, as has always been traditionally done. In the digital age we live in, it’s no surprise that VoIP is becoming ever more popular, with the amazing benefits that it offers becoming more and more apparent. But, one of the biggest misconceptions of VoIP is that many businesses believe they are too small for such a system. We’re here to break down the barriers and explain why VoIP is ideal for small, medium and large businesses alike.

Technical explanations aside, let’s explore some of the jargon-free benefits your company could see by making the switch to VoIP:

#1 Saving Money

As a business owner or IT manager, the bottom line is always at the front of your mind when considering a new technology. So here are some cost savings that virtually any business can appreciate! With traditional telephony, you might be noticing that you’re having to set up a new line with every new hire. Utilising VoIP is a brilliant way to limit your company expenses in comparison to traditional calls, eliminating the need to set up costly traditional phone lines and PBX hardware within your facility or office by using your existing internet connection.

However, there are several other ways in which VoIP can reduce cost too, such as not having to pay for long-distance calls, scaling the amount of equipment to the size of your business, and also the fact that you can use existing phones and headsets, meaning that there is no need for upgrading hardware.

In fact, statistics show that SMEs using VoIP can reduce their company’s phone bill by up to 60%, with up to 90% savings on international calls.

Sound interesting? Let’s explore some further benefits that VoIP can bring to your business

#2 Flexibility 

VoIP means that you can take calls and hold conference calls from anywhere that has internet, not just where your telephone is. You do not have to worry about missing an important call when away from your desk, because your phone is with you wherever you go – you can be reached anywhere in the world! So whether you’re relaxing on a sunny beach, working from home in our current climate or have staff that are always on-the-go, VoIP offers unparalleled flexibility and mobility for your users that can benefit business continuity tremendously.

#3 Scalability

An issue often found with phone lines, particularly for small businesses and start-ups, is that it can be difficult to work out how many phone lines will be needed.  As your business grows, the technology you have will need to be updated to allow for optimal functionality, which can be time-consuming and expensive. With VoIP, it becomes easy to add and remove users as it does not require more expenses when you wish to upgrade, or even downgrade! Enjoy easy and convenient telephony scaling to meet your needs – at all times.

#4 Reliability

One of the most popular aspects of traditional landline phoning is the reliability that it offers, with businesses believing that there is little that can go wrong to interfere with your calls! However, what many people do not realise is that VoIP is highly reliable too. If your internet connection drops, or if there is a local power outage, bad weather, or any other issue, VoIP can forward your calls automatically to mobile phones and other devices to make sure that your work is not affected.

#5 Security

VoIP is highly effective in terms of security than other methods of telephony, offering additional peace-of-mind through the use of encryption, which is a high priority for many businesses due to the high volume of security threats reported every single year.  With VoIP, networks are protected 24/7, so you can rest assured knowing that the information on your calls is going to be secure.  VoIP also offers automated alerts for suspicious activity, encrypted calls, and identity management, all of which are conducive to more advanced security for your business.

#6 Training & Tracking 

Finally, VoIP offers unrivalled opportunities for training and tracking within your business.  Using internet-based telephony, you can seamlessly and easily record or monitor calls from your team for training purposes, and managers can also monitor outgoing calls if required. In fact, they can even join them if help is needed or if they feel that there is valuable information that they can add! Furthermore, calls can be transposed into text easily with VoIP which makes it easier than ever to keep track of information and data.  Due to VoIP, businesses can now easily perform analytics within the company in order to continuously improve and move forward.

Overall, the benefits of using VoIP are largely undisputed, with many companies – big and small – opting to use this powerful contemporary technology as we advance further into the digital age.  The reality is that VoIP provides far more flexibility, scalability and mobility than traditional telephony, providing businesses with extensive advantages in today’s highly competitive business landscape. To find out more about how VoIP could benefit your business, get in touch with the Quodo Tech team today!

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