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How much could you save on your tech?

When purchasing IT equipment for an organisation, buying new may seem like the default, go-to option to keep up with the evolving digital landscape. However, for many businesses, refurbished hardware should be considered as part of the mix. The most compelling reason for buying refurbished equipment is that, in nearly every case, a business can make substantial cost savings. This gives organisations the flexibility to upgrade multiple times within a regular purchasing cycle, plus providing them with an opportunity to buy higher-specified hardware than would be within budget at full-price. At Quodo, we supply authorised refurbished IT hardware to suit your needs, from computers and laptops to servers, switches and more.

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Make an Eco-Friendly Choice

In an environmentally-conscious world, the sustainability and brand image benefits of incorporating refurbished technology into your hardware portfolio are significant. Choosing refurbished equipment over new can help your business to play a part in decreasing e-waste whilst decreasing your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Prevent Obsolescence & Test New Tech

With hardware vendors constantly updating and improving their offerings, it's no surprise that newer equipment versions can render older versions obsolete. With refurbished hardware providing great cost savings, you can upgrade your hardware mid-lifecycle to transition to more advanced equipment, or test our a new type of tech for your company - like tablets.

Access Cost Savings

Refurbished hardware gives you the chance to upgrade your existing systems without the cost of brand new replacements, which is an ideal choice for companies with a temporary need for IT equipment, or who want to avoid significant IT spend in the face of rapid depreciation. Why not save money on your hardware and enjoy an increased IT budget for other areas?

Reduce Maintenance Spend

Refurbished equipment is often supported by much more cost-effective manufacturer warranties, support and maintenance. In addition, spares for your refurbished hardware are readily available and easily obtainable, helping you to get back on track in the event of any issues. This can provide reduced ongoing spend, in addition to a smaller initial outlay.

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If you’re searching for reliable hardware that performs like new, but for a fraction of the price, refurbished hardware could be a suitable solution for your business. At Quodo, we remove any doubt when considering the risks of buying refurbished hardware with a focus on performance, stability and security, working with you to procure appropriate equipment from high-quality vendors. If you are interested in finding out more about our refurbished hardware solutions, or would like to see how we could help you, get in touch with the friendly Quodo team today.