Hardware Solutions

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Boosting your business capabilities

Regardless of how much information you store in the cloud or within virtual services, a robust hardware infrastructure is still imperative to ensure your business remains competitive, efficient and highly-performing. Hardware installations for business only work to your benefit if they are installed and set up correctly, with any shortcuts taken putting your company at risk of malfunctions, security breaches, inefficiency and reduced equipment lifespan.

If you’re struggling with outdated hardware, experiencing hardware issues or are looking to digitally transform your company for remote working, we provide a comprehensive range of hardware solutions to address your every need. At Quodo, we provide expert advice, installation, repair and maintenance services tailored to you, leveraging relationships with industry-leading and emerging manufacturers and service providers.

Remote Working & Digital Transformation

As remote working grows in popularity across the world due to its productivity and cost efficiency benefits, it’s important that that businesses consider office software, hardware and collaboration tools are in place to maximise success. At Quodo, we’re here to support your business through its digital transformation and remote working journey. From VoIP telephony solutions to collaboration equipment, servers, and full computer set-ups for your remote workers, we’ll help your employees to work effectively, wherever they.

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Network & Server Solutions

Servers and networks are the building blocks of IT infrastructure, and we're here to ensure your core systems are optimised and performing to their potential. We'll help you to find the most appropriate solution that delivers high performance and powerful functionality to suit your needs.

Desktop Solutions

If you're looking for advice, procurement, installation, repair or maintenance of desktop solutions, we're here to help. From laptops, desktops, tablets and towers to all-in-one equipment, we'll help you to enable a seamless working environment for optimum productivity.

Peripherals & Equipment

We're on hand to provide versatile printing, scanning, shredding, cabling and storage solutions, from advice and procurement right through to installation. We can also offer optical media devices and external hard drives, and upgrade items such as memory, processors or motherboards.

Hardware Repair & Maintenance

Our comprehensive hardware service includes both break/fix support and preventative maintenance measures, to reduce the chance of the same problems occurring in the future. From data recovery to laptop repairs and hardware upgrades, we'll ensure that your hardware works for you. 

Device as a Service (DaaS)

For businesses of all sizes, undertaking a hardware refresh every few years can involve substantial costs, including procurement, configuration and asset management. Device as a Service, or DaaS, helps your business to mitigate costs by providing a flexible and holistic solution that allows for broad scalability. For a predictable monthly fee with no large CapEx outlay, we configure, deliver and support your hardware as a one-stop-shop support offering, providing you with the right hardware, at the right time.

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Whether you are looking for a high-performance server solution for a large enterprise, or you simply want to equip your office with the IT kit you need, we can offer a bespoke, tailored solution with new or refurbished hardware. Working closely with your business, we’ll develop an appropriate, cost-effective strategy for you, meeting the requirements of your business to keep you focused on what you do best. If you are interested in any of our services, or would like to see how we could help you, get in touch with the friendly Quodo team today.