Four Key Reasons Why You Should Be Using Device as a Service

With technology entrenched into our day-to-day lives, it’s no surprise that tech-savvy employees want devices that keep up with ever-accelerating technological innovation, providing them with reliable support, minimal downtime and instant access to company data and tools from anywhere in the world. The changing profile of the workforce is also set to catalyse the need for businesses to harness modern tech, flexible working and a digital environment, with experts predicting that over 50% of the global workforce will be made up of digital natives by 2025. Employee demands aside, the role of technology in today’s business landscape cannot be overstated, with an immense bearing on your bottom line, productivity levels and competitive edge. So, what holds businesses back from remaining up-to-date with such an integral component of their strategy?

What Are the Barriers to Modern Technology for You?


Hardware refreshes are recommended to be undertaken on a cyclical basis every two to four years, which can bring with it significant capital expenditure and resource challenges. From initial procurement to installation, configuration, training and ongoing maintenance. These tasks can often overwhelm IT teams, leaving them unable to tackle higher-value strategic initiatives that drive business growth. As a result, a growing number of businesses are rethinking their technology strategy, outsourcing their device procurement and management to professional IT solutions providers for a predictable monthly cost – a subscription-based, OpEx solution known as Device as a Service or DaaS.

In this blog, we’ll discuss four key business benefits that can help you to make a watertight case for implementing DaaS in your company. If your business is looking to optimise your IT investments, reduce the total cost of ownership through the device lifecycle and increase financial flexibility, read on to find out why DaaS might be perfect for you.

Lower Costs


Addressing one of the main barriers first, let’s explore how DaaS can help your company to reduce costs. Implementing DaaS in your business transforms a large CapEx outlay into a manageable and predictable OpEx spend. DaaS combines your hardware with the software and ongoing services you require, and offers it as a monthly subscription fee. Whether you have a handful of devices to upgrade, or thousands, this can be the difference between giving the green light for a device refresh, or staying with outdated technology. The cashflow-friendly DaaS model offers businesses a clear view of the expected IT spend without any financial surprises, enabling a more straightforward budget allocation with reduced risk, whilst making sure that devices are never left to depreciate on the balance sheet.

In addition to reducing costs company-wide, DaaS enables you to tailor the devices provided for specific personas in your business, reducing overspending and expensive applications sitting idle. For the high-performance requirements of the marketing and IT team to the lightweight device needs of your on-the-road sales staff, certain user groups can be kitted up with the processing power and software they need, whilst other employees can utilise less expensive device models appropriate for their roles.

Reduces IT Workload


Owning your own devices comes with taking on the responsibility of organising repairs and replacements when they’re needed, in addition to ensuring that hardware and software are updated when they need to be, and safeguarded with the right security protections. Unlike leasing, a model in which you pay monthly for the hardware alone, DaaS provides a full 360° support wrapper covering warranties, support, installations, configurations, repairs, replacements and end-of-life disposal. Furthermore, patches and updates are handled automatically by your DaaS provider, making sure that business-critical applications don’t fall several versions behind the current update, and giving you access to the latest security fixes and new features for total peace of mind.

This can lift the burden of procurement and ongoing device management off your IT department’s shoulders, helping your team to focus on what they do best. By allowing your team the time to work on projects that can drive the business forward, you’ll also gain the added benefit of helping your company to attract and retain IT talent, with exciting, innovative and morale-boosting projects that truly put their skills to good use.

What You Need, When You Need It


Due to its nature, DaaS is an inherently scalable system that works for sole traders and MNCs alike. From one user to 1,000, it’s simply a solution that gives you what you need, when you need it. If your business takes an unexpected downturn, you’re not left with financial losses and a pile of unused, depreciating hardware that’s left gathering dust. And, on the other hand, if your business quickly booms and requires a sudden intake of new hires, your DaaS plan can be updated to rapidly scale your device requirements in perfect alignment with your growth.

It’s important to note that not only large companies can benefit from the scalability of DaaS. For owners and managers of start-ups and SMEs, and those in seasonal industries particularly, DaaS gives you the flexibility to scale as soon as it’s required, without upfront expense.

Enhanced Productivity


Time is money. When working in the office, or remotely, every business owner or IT manager wants the peace of mind that their teams are working in the most effective way possible. After a few years, technology no longer performs at optimal levels, which can create additional non-financial costs if a hardware refresh is not undertaken. Performance issues, security vulnerabilities or costly downtime with obsolete tech can significantly hinder a user’s productivity and hamper creativity, resulting in frustrated staff that are unable to get on with their work, in addition to increased pressure and maintenance costs in your IT department. According to Microsoft, PCs that are older than four years can cause “more than 2.1x increase in lost productivity (hours)”. By making sure that your business is supported by the right processes and technology for their role, employees can work far more efficiently and productively.

Yet, every business is aware of the huge expense of a company-wide hardware refresh, and as we’ve explained it can often go to the bottom of the priority pile. The DaaS model redefines how your company views such a refresh, removing cost barriers to put productivity at the forefront of your technology strategy. With easy-to-digest, predictable monthly payments, you’re able to effectively budget for hardware, maintenance and upkeep, whilst equipping your team with the latest devices for maximum efficiency, boosted morale and increased employee retention.

Would DaaS Work for Your Business?


If you’re looking to simplify your IT management, need to optimise your cashflow or feel restricted by outdated technology, it’s likely that DaaS could be an ideal solution for you. A flexible and holistic solution for companies of all sizes, DaaS eliminates many of the barriers that prevent businesses from upgrading their hardware and keeping up with their competitors. You’ll enjoy broad scalability, increased efficiency, and a switch to OpEx spend without typing up capital in expensive hardware. For a lot of organisations, that makes the decision a no-brainer.

At Quodo Tech, we’re on hand to provide a simple yet comprehensive DaaS solution, that’s tailored to your exact business needs. Partnering with some of the biggest names in hardware and software technology, the Quodo team can help your business to focus on what it should be doing – driving strategic initiatives that produce more revenue for the business. Contact us today to find out more, or read up on our XaaS solutions.

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